We Removed The Limits Of E-Commerce

Mediatic; performing analysis specific to your company offered

a completely e-commerce solution.

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Detailed Reporting

Customers,sales and e-store through dozens of different criteria for your reporting statistics allows you to.

Accounting Integration

Your company uses accounting software integrated into income-expenses, update and invoice tracking, such as operation allows you to make over the system.

Special Mobile E-Commerce Solution

Smartphones and tablet computers are specially prepared for mobile e-commerce web interface with your users via mobile devices can examine your your products and shopping.

96 Different Campaign Module

Buy 3 pay 2, free shipping over 100 TL like you heard so far or not heard specially that we apply your intra-site marketing increase your rate with the modules.

Advanced Security Measures

SSL certificate and hack attack for many years we have fraud system and intrusion prevention protects you from attacks that may occur with the mechanism.

Much Faster

User demands and requirements of search enginess improved page load system in a matter of seconds the fastest drop down-loaded page opens navigate quickly.

%100 Customer Services

Which will be at the point of the development software and all issues your requests quickly resolve full equipped customer service.

Especial Creative Design

As each company prepared special web interface pages your users with your brand and product that you will be saved from mediocrity when mirroring.

ERP – Acoounting İntegration

Your company uses CRM and ERP application server as a snapshot interaction working together by showing the integration system.

Priority Support Service

Return on customer request and users are provided with the research and development ( R&D) work demands with the most up to date technology transfer priority and privileged.

İn Place E-Commerce Training

For your teams entire system by our experts specifically in your office From A to Z within the framework of the presentation made to use of case studies.

The most powerfull integration infrastructure

Suppliers,Shipping companies dealers are to be integrated into all that you want for your infrastructure complies with advanced integration system.

The Latest Technology (MVC + JAVA)

MVC architecture on the Java and asp.net languages developed state of the art features a fully developed system that hosts.


The current search engine algorithms are constantly following in line with our digital marketing team reporting the most accurate SEO,you use the structure.